Posted by: Liz | June 3, 2008

Take me out to the ball game!

If you live in the Midwest chances are you’ve been to a Chicago Cubs game. This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending my first ball game at Wrigley Field. Our friend Matt Zipse (an enthusiastic Cubs fan since the age of six) invited a group of us to join him for the May 30th Cubs vs. Rockies game, which also happened to fall on my 25th birthday!    


 The sights, sounds and action in Wrigleyville were a spectacle to say the least. The smell of hot dogs and cold beer filled the humid Chicago air. T-shirts, hats and bandanas blazing “Fukudome is my Homie,” in honor of the right fielder Kosuke Fukudome, were worn by many Cubs fans. Best of all, the Chicago Cubs overcame an eight-run deficit to beat the Rockies, 10-9. Our group, combined with about 40,000 mesmerized Cubs fans, celebrated the unbelievable win as we toasted several Old Style beers and exchanged tons of hugs & high fives. We exited the thrilling ball game singing, “Go Cubs go, go Cubs go! Hey Chicago what do ya say? Cubs are gonna win today!”    


I’ve also heard if you live in New Zealand, you’ve undoubtedly been to an All Blacks rugby game. Intrigued by the sport (which is pretty much foreign to Americans), I decided to look up the history of rugby in New Zealand. 

Since the late 1800’s, New Zealand has adopted the famed sport and sent teams to every major rugby country, as well as hosted players and teams from all corners of the world. Rugby is spreading all the time and although players in some countries may not be too sure where New Zealand is, it is certain they would have heard of the All Blacks.  


One interesting tradition about the All Blacks is Haka, a traditional Maori dance performed immediately prior to international matches. Since the original All Black team of “New Zealand Natives,” the haka has been closely associated with New Zealand rugby.  


While I can finally “check off” attending a Chicago Cubs ball game from my ‘sporting events’ list (as all true Americans should do), I am very excited to add an All Blacks game to my bill while in New Zealand. I’m not sure if the Haka dance can compare to the smell of Wrigley Field, Old Style beer, hot dogs and “Go Cubs Go” chants, but I’m willing to give it a shot!     




  1. Your neighbor wants to hear all about your All Blacks experience!!! My dream is to ref one of their matches one day. Rugby is big in Indiana. We have the best high school rugby program in the country. Last week, our fourth best team placed second in the national tournament.

  2. Tim, I knew you were very invovled with Rugby but I had no idea the sport was so BIG in Indiana! I need a crash course tutorial before I catch an All Blacks match.

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