Posted by: Liz | June 11, 2008

Cycling year-round

Ahhh (sigh), summer time in Indianapolis…


…thunderstorms, 88 degrees, humidity and sandals. Finally, we’re ready to tackle the outdoors i.e. Monon Trail, local watering holes and concerts on The Lawn. But wait…we’re leaving for New Zealand in 29 days and we’re headed into winter!


Currently the temperature in Queenstown, NZ is anywhere between 10-15 degrees Celcius / 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit (not too shabby). Overall, New Zealand weather patterns are hard to predict, which makes packing challenging but gives us the freedom to conquer several outdoor activities during each season.


While we await our departure to the “wintry southern hemisphere,” we are trying to take advantage of every ounce of summer in Indy. By far, our favorite summertime activity is cycling (when lake access is unavailable). My bike has literally been attached to my hip for the last seven years and I’m not embarrassed to say I’ll miss it while we’re abroad.

 Bike Lane - holla!

Cycling, especially biking to work (now more than ever), is becoming more accessible in Indianapolis and across the country. Indy’s “Ride Your Bike to Work Week” took place in mid-May and the predicted number of cyclists was around 500 (200 more than last year).


One way Kiwis celebrate “Ride Your Bike to Work Week” is with a Go By Bike Breakfast. The annual late-February event in Auckland’s Aotea Square was indeed a success with 750 cyclists!


With New Zealand temperatures changing daily and cycling-nuts in the streets of Auckland, perhaps we won’t have to give up our favorite summertime activity after all!

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