Posted by: Matt | July 1, 2008

From Michigan

We quit our jobs last Thursday. Liz had been at her’s for over 2 1/2 years and I had just over 2 years under my belt at my job. I had mixed emotions on my last day; on the one hand, I have worked with great people for the last two years and I will miss the time spent bantering over cubicle walls on a Tuesday afternoon, but on the other hand I have long since concluded that my line of work may not be for me. Obviously, we’re both excited that it’s now time to undertake the adventure that we’ve been discussing for so long.

It began at a party one night last fall. The idea of traveling to New Zealand had been Liz’s and she had been pondering it for some time. I don’t remember how the exchange occurred, but at one point someone said “we should go” while we were discussing the idea of the trip, and it just built from there. A week or so later, while on a bike ride, we made plans to decide to commit to the trip or not by the Chicago Marathon.

Obviously, we decided to go ahead with the trip and so here I sit, at Liz’s family’s lake house in Michigan and we officially have less than two weeks until we depart. I love coming to the lake with Liz, her family has a wonderful history here, not to mention the fact that the weather has been awesome and we’re taking in all the outdoor activities that you could possibly stuff into the daylight hours each day.\'Mellows In Michigan

Liz’s whole family is staying at their cottage and we see sprinkling of relatives and friends every day which is nice. As I write this, we’re getting ready to head out for golf and wake-boarding. We’ll be here for the rest of the week and then head back down to Indiana for some quality time with my parents before the final pack-up and departure.

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