Posted by: Liz | July 7, 2008

From Fort Wayne

Matt was right, we stuffed all the outside activities imaginable while in Michigan last week. Summertime at the lake is pretty much unbeatable and it was wonderful to see cousins and aunts & uncles from both sides, especially my family from the Milne side, who I hadn’t seen in a year.

One highlight was wake-surfing with Heather and her boyfriend Chris. It was great to meet Chris before he heads to China to sail for Team USA in the Beijing Olympics. Check out his blog –

My cousin Lindsay and her husband Matt just had their second beautiful baby, Christopher, who is a little over 3-weeks old. Brother James is a great sport and we were so lucky to get to spend a day at “the big sand box” with both of them.

After an amazing trip to Michigan, Matt and I are spending some quality time with his folks in Fort Wayne. First, we hit up his friend Stasi’s wedding on July 4th. Stasi and her husband Adam were some of the first people we told about New Zealand, while sipping beers at Goose Island following the Chicago Marathon.

Next we ventured to Lake Wawasee with Matt’s parents to meet up with Katie, Jon, Meg, Kevin & Brady. Kevin dragged us around on the knee board & Wave Runner, and Katie & Jon hosted us for a night of fireworks on the lake.

Now, here I am back at Matt’s family’s home, logging some much-needed R&R before heading back to Indy. I love kickin’ back with his rents – they always spoil us delicious dinners, desserts and cocktails while lounging outside near their fire pit. Vacation time with our families is almost over. Four days from now we’ll be sitting in LAX wondering how we got to this point so quickly. It’s only been months since we first discussed the idea of this adventure, and now we’re on the verge of having very little in the line of personal possessions, complete change of professional lives, and a total on-the-go lifestyle. This is what it’s all about.


  1. Okay, “dragging around on kneeboards” is probably a fair description, but to hear you tell it makes it sounds like a brusefest of a drag! What fireworks, though. Yowza. So good of both of you to come up. Can’t wait to see you on Wednesday!

  2. Got an email from Matt and Liz yesterday – they made it to New Zealand! Long day at LAX – got a couple text messages from him….sounded bored and antsy. Still waiting to hear how the flight went…in coach it can’t be great for that amount of time…..wonder if they’ll be snow sking by next weekend…..kneeboarding one week and snow sking two weeks later….gotta love it! By the way, Mo is doing just fine…almost caught another bird yesterday…gonna have to put a bell around her neck!

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