Posted by: Matt | July 13, 2008

From Auckland

Decided to keep the theme from the last couple blog-post titles as a round-up to our two week excursion after leaving our jobs. We’re finally here! Couldn’t be more excited and as of the moment, everything has gone off without a hitch. We managed to do some sight-seeing here in Auckland yesterday; we visited the harbor and took a boat cruise to get our bearings (they had free coffee and muffins on the cruise….very hospitable people in my book), visited the Auckland museum on an extremely scenic hilltop next to city central, and got 12, yes folks, 12 hours of sleep last night.

We are officially in the future, and it’s great! We’ll be in Auckland for the next couple days and then we’ll move on to bigger adventures and smaller population density. Hope everyone is well, we’ll be back on the blog again soon. Pics to come soon too.



  1. Quick add to Matt’s post –

    The world is truly so small…yesterday, Matt and I casually popped into the Quicksilver store in downtown Auckland only to bump into one of Melissa’s NZ backpakcer friends, Charles.

    Charles is from the UK, just got married and lives just outside Auckland, the largest city of over 1 million people. We had a one and a million chance to “run into him” and we plan to meet up on his day off tomorrow…such a small world!

  2. So glad you made it there safe and sound and are having a good time! We’re thinking about you!

  3. Yayyy — Glad to see you guys made it! Keep on keepin’ on.

  4. tony and i are sitting at a picnic table at the mug & bun reading your blog on our smartphones. we are officially yuppies! great to hear the trip went well. can’t wait to check out the pics on a real monitor!

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