Posted by: Matt | July 20, 2008


I love fish and chips.  I’ve always assumed this to be a true statement, but now that I’ve tried the real thing there’s no denying it.  I’ll be the first to say (well maybe Liz would beat me to the punch) that I was a little skeptical of the food after our first couple days in Auckland.  We had a couple of so-so meals and that was enough to put me in a bit of a tailspin.  Of course, my sample size was much too small, and after just a couple more days, and some great recommendations from the new friends we’re meeting around New Zealand, I can say that my impression has completely changed. 

Newspaper and all. Notice the L&P in the corner.

Fish and Chips, newspaper style. Notice the L&P and the MACs in the corner.


With the help of the staff at the IEP (the organization that’s helping us get our feet off the ground here), we’re going to make our trip through the country partly a culinary one.  They are currently assembling a list of some of their favorite places around the country and we’ll be sure to mention some of our favorites as we travel around in the coming months.  You never know when it will come in handy.


Besides the food…. Liz and I have left Auckland with Stray, a great little bus company that provides guided tours through the cultural and scenic highlights of the country.  Every day we travel to a particular destination, and in the evening we settle down in a hostel for dinner and drinking (sensible amounts, not like those other bus tours). 


We decided to jump off the bus a couple of days ago and stay in a little town named Raglan.  Apparently it’s one of the surfing capitals of the world.  It’s dead winter here right now, and surfers can still be found in the bay at any time of the day catching waves, hanging ten and the sort.  We decided to do the same and have been surfing for the last couple days in full wetsuits with bootys.  It’s still cold as…. but it’s been a lot of fun.  The town of Raglan is also a sight to see.  It’s a great little beach community that’s still bustling even in the middle of the off season.  There’s a good chance we’ll be back to see this place next summer.

Post-surfing with the new crew. Water was 7 degrees C....whatever that means.


Tomorrow we’re going to jump back on the bus for the next adventure.  We’re going to get our Maori culture in and stay at a Marae and have a traditional hangi meal.  This promises to be another great night of food and fun.  I’m betting the food will be great.

Pics to come soon, internet’s slow out here in surfer land.


  1. Aarrrhhh – maties! Hittin’ the cold waves sounds good! We’re a bit toastie in Hoosierland…fish ‘n chips…a bit of the motherland grub….goes well with a cold Bass Ale!
    We’re keepin’ tabs on ya.

  2. Something about New Zealand food? That’s what Brodahl said!

  3. mmmm…macs. Go to the Brewery in Nelson.

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