Posted by: Liz | July 23, 2008

Haggas Honking Holes

Last October our good friend Tara guided a small group of us on a caving adventure through Buckner’s Cave, located a few miles south of Bloomington. None of us had ever been caving before but luckily Tara had all the necessary supplies. We threw on our old sweatshirts, squeezed our legs into muddy kneepads, strapped on a helmet & headlamp and set forth into the small dark cave opening. Tara successfully led us through four hours of crawling, climbing & barrel rolling. And much to our dismay, we all made it out alive.

Now, 9 months later Matt and I were again faced with another caving opportunity. New Zealand has hundreds of caves; the largest is located in the south island near Nelson. Our bus stopped in the famous Waitomo region located in the northwestern half of the north island. Waitomo attracts caving experts and adventure seekers from all over the world.

We decided to throw all our eggs in one basket and go for the most adventurous caving expedition on the list – “Haggas Honking Holes,” named after Mrs. Haggas, the owner of the land above the cave.

The underground trek had us abseiling through waterfalls, rock climbing and crawling…very Indiana Jones-esque. The cave make-up is mostly limestone with tons of stalactites, glowworms and rushing water.

The experience in Waitomo was one of the most concentrated action adventures we’d ever experienced in a while…both of us managed to overcome any feelings of Closter phobia…do you think you’d have been as brave???? Enjoy the caving shots!


  1. I’m glad you guys weren’t eaten by any rogue fruit bats! That would have really ruined the trip.

  2. So glad to see that you guys are having an awesome adventure. We’re enjoying the pictures. Anna thinks this whole thing is pretty cool. She said you looked unusually happy for being in water up to your armpits…in a cave! I had to agree!!
    Stay safe. We love ya

  3. NO, I would not have been so brave. Please tell me you were a wee bit scared! Love, Mom

  4. I’m so happy you visited the Waitomo caves! I did the same trip, and at one point it was SO dark and I was at the back of the line. We were all on rafts and people started moving down the rope but I was left there by my lonesome because I couldn’t see a darn thing! I’m so glad I get to live my trip through you all again. Brings back so many memories.

    Love you!

  5. I have to say— Matt, I’m impressed. I thought you were going to crawl out of your skin at Buckner’s. That cave looks like so much fun!!

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