Posted by: Matt | September 7, 2008

New Header Photo!

We’ve decided that the canned photo that was included with the blog when we started writing finally had to go.  In its place I’ve put a photo from high in the Southern Alps.  This is Lake Pukaki taken from the road that drives around the border of the lake.  In the distance, if it weren’t covered in clouds would be Mt. Cook, the highest peak in New Zealand at 12,316 feet.  Relatively low by high mountain standards, but due to NZ’s location it is covered in permafrost and is a rather imposing mountain.

During our travels, we have come to a location where we should be able to see the mountain no less than four times, but we’ve yet to catch a glimpse because of clouds.  We’re planning on going hiking around the mountain when it gets a little warmer, and I may even take an introductory mountaineering course that would climb one of it’s faces.  No worries mom, it’s guided by a solid mountaineering company. 🙂


  1. It sounds like you guys are doing great. Loving your pics. They’re fantastic. I envy that gorgeous scenery! Stay safe. Love and prayers~

  2. Of course I will worry, that’s what I do!
    Sounds like you are having a great time – keep having fun. Love ya!

  3. Who raised such amazing kids??? Kids that believe they can just go anywhere and do anything they want to, just for the sake of learning and adventuring???? Well, adventuring you are and we are so proud of you for doing it!

    As we are having morning coffee, your September 10th has come to an end. You and Liz are more than likely laughing over yet another sheep joke or soaking your tired mountain-climbing tootsies!

    We know you’ll enjoy every sweet moment. We are so glad your parents didn’t raise a bunch of borning,clingy kids, but rather kids that give us web sites and adventures to enjoy our morning coffee with.

    Love and hugs to you both!

    Steve and Dee Gerard

  4. Hi Liz, wow! your mom gave me your blog, ofcourse I donot understand blogs, being a senior.
    I miss your grama very much as she was my best friend…
    Keep, Peggy

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