Posted by: Liz | October 3, 2008

The Seasons Turn, Turn, Turn

It’s a high of 20 degrees Celcius (approx 70 degrees Farenheit) in Queenstown today. Spring is finally here! Not so fast….in New Zealand you can never predict the weather. They say it’s the land of ‘four seasons in one day’ and they’re right!

View from the top of Queenstown Hill hike

Last weekend we ‘sprang’ our clocks forward for daylight savings time. The weather however was anything but spring-like. It rained Saturday morning, turned to snow by the afternoon and the sun was blazing by early evening. As a result of the crazy weather, The Remarkables skifield accumulated heaps of powder. Matt, our friend Jordan and I took advantage of one last winter blast and hiked, boarded and skied all day on Sunday followed by après ski at Monty’s Summer Ale party.

Quick break after hiking up to the top of The Remarks

Quick break after hiking up to the top of The Remarks

Winter has now come and gone and all of the skifields will be closed by October 12th. It was a successful winter season for us – we logged 6 days over 4 different mountains, Bongo traveled up 3 steep access roads, and all parties made it out without one trip to the hospital or repair shop.

Apres Ski @ Monty's Summer Ale party

Apres Ski @ Monty's

This weekend Matt and I are taking our Spring Break ’08 trip to Dunedin (not Cancun). Just like all spring breakers we’re headed towards the beach but we won’t be sunbathing and making poor decisions, instead we’ll be hanging with the Penguins, Sea Lions & Albatross while noshing on fresh Fish & Chips.

Most of you are anticipating the red, orange and yellow colors of fall and I hope you all enjoyed the warm summer weather in the states. After two winters in a row (with a brief break in May & June), Matt and I are excited to experience a New Zealand spring & summer filled with hiking, camping, sailing, BBQs and more!


  1. You two are remarkably photogenic, and the gorgeous scenery? Yeah, not so bad either. You’re gonna have one hell of a scrapbook.

  2. oh my goodness you both are so precious! Have fun on spring break 08! New Zealand style! Matt I hope you had a fabulous birthday! The cake was very good I will make you one when you come back! Love you both! (I think i am going to frame that middle pic of you two soo cute!)

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