Posted by: Matt | October 12, 2008

Hiking into summer

I have finally found a job! In my defense, it turns out that I was looking for a job at the worst time possible as it was in between the winter and summer seasons here in Queenstown. All the same, it looks like it will have been worth the wait because I’ll be working in an outfitter shop, helping people with hiking gear and getting them set up for the famous tramps (Kiwi for trails) around the South Island. I’ve always wanted to live in an area where the outdoors is a main focal point of the community, and even though we’ll only be here for a short time, Queenstown is fulfilling this desire nicely.

Do you have a ticket to the gun show?

Do you have a ticket to the gun show?

Liz and I went on two great hikes this past weekend. On the first day we undertook a nice scenic hike that was near Queenstown and the lake with wonderful vantage points and a nice wide, grated trail. On the second day, we got an early start, drove a little further away from town, and embarked on somewhat of an adventure. The hike took us over Mt. Dewar, which is above the snowline and at one point a solid two hours of going nowhere but up. That’s definitely one of the nice things about the outdoors, there’s something for everybody.

I think we're looking at something cool.

Zulu can't figure out why we keep stopping for pictures.

Queenstown in the summer is supposed to be a completely different animal than in the winter. The number of tourists is actually significantly higher in the summer as people flood in from all over the world to paraglide and jet boat. Liz and I will hopefully be getting our first jet boat experience in this week. Jet boats are supposedly a Kiwi invention. The boat itself can skim along in as little as three inches of water and we’ve been told that the inventor of this watercraft was a farmer that wanted a more convenient way to reach his sheep who were grazing far up in a canyon.

Kiwis are expecting a significant decline in tourism this summer due to the economic issues throughout the world. Not surprisingly, considering the current situation, estimates show that tourism could be down upwards of 35-40%. Therefore, I want to issue a challenge to each and every one of you readers out there to take heed and help this country out! Come, visit us, and support New Zealand tourism! 😉


  1. Hi guys! You were greatly missed at Scotty’s wedding this past weekend. What a beautiful event… 🙂 I’ll post pics on Facebook this week. Hope all is well with you. Congrats on the new job! p.s. are you on Skype?

  2. Gosh, the scenery is incredible…can’t even imagine what it’s like in person. 27 years old and my kid works in an outfitter’s store renting musty equipment….I’m so proud….and I am! We love living the adventure with you both! Keep the pics coming….Mo says, “Hi!”

  3. I seriously laughed out loud at work when I saw the “gun show” pic. Keep up the good work! Miss you crazy kids!!!!

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