Posted by: Liz | October 15, 2008

Shotover Canyon Swing!

Now, I truly believe that Queenstown, NZ is the adventure capital of the world. What other destination can you bungy jump, skydive, jet boat, river raft and free fall 60 meters in one day?

There are many perks in working ‘front line’ at The Crowne Plaza, Queenstown. During the “shoulder season,” or the time period between winter and summer, many of us ‘font liners’ get to take part in several adventure activities that Queenstown has to offer. They introduce us to their thrilling product and we get to risk our sanity & whit for free!

This morning i set my fears aside and took part in The Shotover Canyon Swing – wow, what a rush! The platform sits on the edge of a cliff 109m/360ft above the Shotover River and the swing arcs 200 meters long. Trying not to overthink my fate, I willingly stepped into my harness and ventured to the narrow platform as the guides banterred back & forth, trying to make me crack and scare the living daylights out of me.

"It's 109m to the river...I'm attached, right?"

"I'm attached, right?"

They sent me off the platform in the “pin drop” position, which basically meant I was bent over with my hands behind my back, and forced to JUMP at my own will into the Canyon below – yikes! After some long bantering back & forth with the guides I finally took the leap of faith.

The Pin Drop..."wait, I changed my mind!"

The Canyon Swing is a MUST DO if you travel to Queenstown. This year the company won the 2008 Tourism Industry award, which is the Borg Warner trophy of New Zealand tourism.

Don’t worry Mom, I’m alright 🙂


  1. Wow…that is really really awesome

  2. you are crazy! I hear those guys are really funny. I better see a picture of you and Matt zorbing soon!

  3. my palms start sweating and my heart beats faster just looking at those pictures!

  4. Liz! Are you nuts? I’d like to know what kind of training the “guides” have? Note: Most “guides” accompany you…these dudes are watching you! Don’t let baby-Matthew try that.

    Glad you survived.

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