Posted by: Liz | November 8, 2008

New Header Photo

The most popular question I get at work is also the hardest one to answer. Guests from America, England, Japan, Australia, etc. always ask me what the weather is going to be for the following day & week. The Kiwi answer to a weather prediction is simple – “Hey bro, it’s New Zealand…you can never predict the weather. There’s four seasons in one day.” On any given day we’re lucky enough to have bright sunshine, nevertheless, I’ve learned to incorporate this phrase in my dialogue with guests.

Even though we did receive snow throughout the South Island this past week, I felt it only fitting to change the face of our blog to a springtime scene. I shot this photo from atop Deer Park Heights, an area just 30 minutes from Queenstown, around Lake Wakatipu. Deer Park is famous for the Lord of the Rings movie scenes and wildlife that inhabit the park.

Below are some of my favorite photos from the Deer Park excursion with our flatmates and friends, enjoy and “Happy spring/summer/fall/winter!”

Ady, Claire, Libby, Paul & Matt - we love JUMP pics

Ady, Claire, Libby, Paul & Matt - we love JUMP pics

Matt in one of the Lord of the Rings-esque areas

Matt in one of the Lord of the Rings-esque areas

View from the top

View from the top


  1. Dear Liz and Matt,
    Tom had me spoiled by sending me your blogs at first, then he expected that I would know enough to use the website myself. Ha. He called this morning to check in from China and clued me in, so I have really enjoyed readin all about your adventures – especially Liz’s Jump! You both look wonderful and sound so happy and creative and very smart to have made this dream trip come true. Apres ski sounds good to me. Hugs & Love

  2. Guys –

    I love your “view from the top” pic. You both look great! Looks like it will be my new screen saver! Everything is good here – leaves are down, sweaters are coming out of the closet, turkeys are showing up at Kroger’s. Stop by for Christmas!

  3. Great posts. Snow rolled through Indiana yesterday, and Brady and I broke out the winter running gear. Listen, I love winter as much as the next person and did get jazzed when my nose started dripping and my fingers went numb while raking the other day so I’m not saying enjoy spring, but, enjoy spring.

    The jump pic is straight out of a Patagonia catalog, by the way.

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