Posted by: Liz | January 27, 2009

Take a challenge

For all of you who are considering traveling aboard, taking a new job, or simply contemplating a new life decision – if you can swing it, do it.

I’ve received some notes from friends and acquaintances back home asking questions about our journey to New Zealand. I gather that these individuals are considering a similar trip and want to learn as much as possible before making a life-changing leap. My advice: try something new for a little while even if a change seems daunting.

Belaying down at Gorge Rd. climbing area

Belaying down at Gorge Rd. climbing area

New Zealand is incredibly laid back and inviting. Kiwis open their beautiful doors to us travelers from all over the world. My yoga class, for instance, is filled with students from Brazil, Ireland, England, Australia, Canada and the US.

Living in a new place for a decent chunk of time has allowed me to really experience and understand a new culture (I love the Sunday afternoon sausage sizzles and passing hardcore outdoorsmen wearing shorts in cold, pelting rain).

North Mavora Lake

North Mavora Lake

It’s easy sometimes to take life in New Zealand for granted but recently I’ve been tackling challenges – activities that make me scared or nervous, but after the fact always either bring a strong sense of accomplishment or allow me to ‘tick them off my list,’ never to be done again. Mountain biking down a steep jagged hill may be one that I leave in the “not for me box.” Alternatively, hiking, camping and climbing are activities that are often challenging at the time but provide a strong sense of accomplishment when completed. This past weekend Matt and I explored Mavora Lakes, an impressive landscape of mountains, forests, rocky beaches and beautiful lakes, tucked away just south of Queenstown. It was incredibly peaceful and I found myself really embracing the outdoors.

check out the new fly fishing rod - Matt is tackling his new challenge!

check out the new fly fishing rod!

Now is the time to tackle challenges, even if its something small like learning how to cook (which I am, slowly). For those of you who have asked about working or traveling in New Zealand I’d recommend checking out BUNAC’s website – (the organization we used to secure our visa’s). However it is also possible to obtain a visa through the NZ government. Happy soul searching – keep the challenges coming.


  1. Yes this is what i always do…… i love adventure tours an di feel happy that all of you guys made fun there..

  2. Great idea….I think I’ll quit my job and sail around the world…..or sail around the Great Lakes…or wait, maybe I’ll sail around the Caribbean….yea, that’s it!

    Forwarding address forthcoming….


  3. It is amazing what you have experienced and accomplished this past year! So great 🙂 It is fun to catch up and read about all of your adventures. Keep it up & Carpe Diem!

    P.S. can I sail around the world with Tom aka Dad?? 🙂

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