Posted by: Liz | February 5, 2009

A day in the life…

There are heaps of reasons to come to Queenstown, NZ. People of all shapes and sizes make the journey. It’s hard, as a local (so-to-speak), not to people watch or strike up a conversation with a random traveler. My latest hobby is tourist watching (no, I’m not a stalker).

Super Bowl watching at Monty's with Brett & Lauren

Super Bowl watching at Monty's with Brett & Lauren

Last week I met a US army soldier, currently stationed in Fairbanks, Alaska, who was on an all-expense paid trip to “anywhere in the world.” He chose New Zealand and furthermore chose to base himself at the Crowne Plaza in Queenstown. This soldier did it all. The A.J. Hackett Thrillogy (3 bungy jumps in one day), JAGAIR (wicked G’s from a stunt plane), hang gliding, jet boating, sky diving, and the list goes on.

Adventure activities aside, the US army soldier also experienced a different kind of thrill. He happened to be in the right place at the right time because New Zealand Prime Minister Mr. John Key was also staying at the Crowne. I was fortunate enough to be in the lobby to watch their exchange. The soldier approached Mr. Key, introduced himself as a member of the US Army and explained that of all the places to travel in the world he had decided to travel to New Zealand.

Following the photo-op the army soldier pranced around the hotel lobby while analyzing his digital camera view finder. He shared the photo with me and I could easily see that this experience was far more important to him than his bungy jumps and skydive. His trip now seemed complete after sharing a quick hand shake with the easy-going Prime Minister. Just another day in the life of a New Zealand tourist…

View from Wai Creek

View from Wai Creek

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