Posted by: Matt | February 26, 2009

Oh yes…we jumped off a bridge

…with a giant rubber band attached to our ankles. The Kawarau Bridge Bungy was the first commercial bungy operation in the world. It was developed by AJ Hackett, a pioneer of bungy-jumping and is the grand-daddy of a family of jump locations offered by AJ Hackett all over the world. There are three in Queenstown alone.

It was a spectacularly sunny day as we were laced up one after another to take the plunge. Jones dabbled his hands in the water of the mighty Kawarau River, Pilan got straight dunked. Liz and I both screamed like girls and Lindz asked the bungy operator for a moment to collect herself only to be told, “this is not the time to take a moment, Miss.”

free falling

free falling

It was one item on a long list of great moments during our trip around the South Island with Lindsay, Pilan and Jones, but I think it was a highlight for all of us.

In addition to taking the plunge, we spent some time touring Aspiring National Park, eventually making it out to the West Coast where we sampled the best fish and chips of our New Zealand experience to date. In addition, as we were wrapping up our lunch of grease-filled goodness, we turned around to spot a penguin strolling across the street on his way back into Jackson Bay. We also learned the answer to the age-old question of, why does a penguin cross the road? Answer: To get away from Pilan in full tourist mode.

We sailed on an America’s Cup yacht in the lake surrounding Queenstown on one of the windiest days of the year. We visited every winery we encountered, and drank every bottle of wine we purchased. We kayaked Milford Sound. We ate way too much food.

All-in-all it was a great trip and we were glad to see some great friends and introduce them to the country we’ve called home for a little while. We’re getting ready to wrap up our time in Queenstown and then it will be time to get back on the open road. Lots of things to see still before our Kiwi year is finished!

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