Posted by: Liz | March 2, 2009

Free-fall into Paradise

Words cannot describe the feeling that rushes over you when you jump out of a plane and free-fall to the ground. This morning I tackled a 12,000 foot sky dive with the crew from NZSKYDIVE and it was wicked! As Matt can vow, sky diving is something I’ve wanted to do since I stepped foot in New Zealand, I just didn’t tell friends and family of my desire…for good reason though – didn’t want ya’ll getting nervous 😉

Glenorchy + Lake Wakatipu = Paradise

Glenorchy + Lake Wakatipu = Paradise

The jump was over the Glenorchy arm of Lake Wakatipu as well as a corner called Paradise (no joke). This part of the South Island is famous for turquoise water, tall mountain peaks and several Lord of the Rings shoot locations. I enjoyed the plane ride straight up 12,000 feet just as much as the free-fall down. We even caught a clear glimpse of Mt. Cook in the distance from 9,000 feet above ground (something my family was fortunate enough to also see during their flight home from New Zealand).

The free-fall was 45 seconds long although it felt like 10. My guide Dave , who sky dives in Nova Scotia, Canada during the northern hemisphere summer, was very skilled and brought us safely to the ground. All and all the whole trip was a very ‘cruizy’ way to land in Paradise.

HUGE rush exiting the plane

HUGE rush exiting the plane

12,000 feet above paradise

12,000 feet above paradise



  1. WOW! I’m so glad you are safe and sound and back on the ground. What a thrill it must have been…So amazing!

    Love the pics!

  2. Liz –

    When you get home, your parents are going to ground you for a week!

    Nice helmet….like that would do any good if the chute didn’t open!

    You’re crazy!


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