Posted by: Liz | March 27, 2009


That’s right, we are WWOOFing this week. Matt and I are Willing Workers On Organic Farms (well, one farm specifically). We showed up for our week long home-stay experience this past Monday and so far we have learned a lot and had heaps of fun!

Ahanui Farm, our WWOOF location

Ahanui Farm, our WWOOF location

To give you all an idea of the kind of work Matt and I tackle on a typical day let me explain…we arise to fresh oats, coffee and juicy peaches, plums and pears. Then we settle into our gum boats (rain boats or rubber boots) and head out on the farm to either dead head plants, harvest apples or pumpkins, scoop horse dung or, as was the case today, heard 13 sheep and 3 cattle.

Harvesting pumpkins

Harvesting pumpkins

While scopping horse dung or cleaning chicken coops may not be your cup of tea, Matt and I enjoy imersing ourselves into a slice of organic farm-style Kiwiana. We’ve learned how to tackle the extensive veggie garden, paint wooden poles for the family’s horse eventing practice, pick fresh apples & peaches and  josh around with a fun-loving family in the comforts of their home.

Experiencing a little Kiwiana...herding sheep

Experiencing a little Kiwiana...herding sheep

If you’re interested in learning more about WWOOFing, check out the website – Sorry, Matt and I are both booked this summer, we’ll be WWOOFing at our respective parent’s homesteads.



  1. Yes, can’t wait for your Wwoofing expertise here! Sounds like such a wonderful experience. Have fun! Love, Mom aka Mary

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