Posted by: Matt | March 31, 2009

Golf Cross Anyone?

Now, don’t be jealous, but Liz and I were recently treated to a round of GolfCross by the inventor of the game himself.  The game involves using a ball that looks similar to a golf ball, and it looks similar to a rugby ball.  Take a look at the website, it will make more sense:  You hit the balls through endzone style goals instead of a cup, and in general, it’s a lot of fun.  Burton, the inventor of the sport was one of our WWOOF hosts.  We’d heard about GolfCross on a number of occasions, but had no idea we were going to be hanging out with the founder of the sport.  There is a slow movement heading towards the sport for a number of reasons, and there aren’t any courses in the US yet, but maybe someday soon we’ll all be able to play GolfCross somewhere near our home.

GolfCross at Ocean Beach.

GolfCross at Ocean Beach.

In addition to whacking an oblong golf-like ball, Liz and I also did some serious wine tasting during our time in Martinborough, the town near where we WWOOFed.  Martinborough is one of the premier Pinot Noir and Chardonnay regions in the world and believe you me, we set out on a mission to make sure that was true.  We lunched at the wineries, sampled, bought a bottle or two.  All good fun.  We’ll definitely miss being in wine country when it’s time to say farewell.



We’re back on the road now, currently sitting in Taupo with a couple days to kill before we move towards the East Coast.  More to come soon….



  1. Hmmmm…Maybe I should start the first Golfcross course in the U.S.

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