About The Songlines

What are Songlines?



The Aboriginal people of Australia believe that the world was brought into being through a “Dreamtime” sequence where spirits would move through space and embody all the various things in the world; plants, animals, people, and so on.  While doing this, the spirits sang of all the things they were embodying, essentially singing the world into existence.


Songlines are long intricate songs that are passed down through generations used by Aboriginal people to travel great distances.  If sung in the proper order, the songs will show navigational points along a route and theoretically follow the same path taken by the spirits during the “Dreamtime” when the world was created. 


The Songline provides a map to help a group get from one point to another, but perhaps more importantly, it forces the individuals to take note and appreciate all the details of the landscape along the journey.  That is what we are hoping to do with our trip.


Unlike the Aborigines, we will be spending most of our time in New Zealand.  Hopefully we’ll get the chance to head to Australia at some point during the trip.


In the summer of 2005, Matt hiked the Appalachian Trail which runs the entire length of the Appalachian ridgeline from Georgia to Maine.  Typically, people hiking the trail will adopt a trailname.  Matt’s was Caboose.  One of the friends he made while hiking the trail went by Songline.  His real name is Brandon, and we hope he won’t mind us using his trailname for our blog, but we really feel that it describes the kind of journey we would like to have over the next year.  Brandon, if you come across this blog, hope all is going well.




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